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Research + Reporting

Monitoring Results: Helping clients understand the shifts in the market so they can get that edge they need to win and maintain new business.



Marketplace Research:

DKPMG continues to develop and track marketplace shifts in 7-10 keystone industries.

Analysis & Reporting:

We have developed our own standards that go beyond just industry norms.

arrowField Research reports for delivery platforms… film, tv, web, EVP, mobile, out-of-home

arrowAnalysis of marketplace buying and view pattern shifts, user profiles and tracking of brand perceptions… across traditional and new digital-media

arrowPitch and presentation advising / coaching for endeavors that involve adjoining Electronic Press kits, Events, and Marketing Programs with 2 Way human interactions.

arrowContract & Invoicing Investigation for Ad buys, pr, out-of-home promotions, special events, and online video web initiatives.

arrowCampaign & media monitoring across various branded platforms, pr, out-of-home promotions, special events, and web influencers.

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