Consulting Services

Research + Reporting

Monitoring Results: Helping clients understand the shifts in the market so they can get that edge they need to win and maintain new business.



Marketplace Research:

DKPMG continues to develop and track marketplace shifts in 7-10 keystone industries.

Analysis & Reporting:

We have developed our own standards that go beyond just industry norms.

arrowField Research reports for delivery platforms… film, tv, web, EVP, mobile, out-of-home

arrowAnalysis of marketplace buying and view pattern shifts, user profiles and tracking of brand perceptions… across traditional and new digital-media

arrowPitch and presentation advising / coaching for endeavors that involve adjoining Electronic Press kits, Events, and Marketing Programs with 2 Way human interactions.

arrowContract & Invoicing Investigation for Ad buys, pr, out-of-home promotions, special events, and online video web initiatives.

arrowCampaign & media monitoring across various branded platforms, pr, out-of-home promotions, special events, and web influencers.

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Media Relations + Marketing

Are your marketing, sales, communications and customer-service efforts all working in tandem to grow your business? If so, fantastic! However, if you want some help fine tuning, we love crafting the right stories at the right time to the right audience for your unique situation.


Campaign Design || Scripted Content || Digital Advertising

The Result – competitors end up in the rear view mirror.

Project Leadership by Dennis Phipps and his worldwide network of tenured specialists have produced and placed media for varied audiences. Clients have chosen us to help:

» Make sound decisions on many levels
» Deliver service with a can do attitude
» Solve problems and build clear vision
» Implement content driven solutions
» Save time and money with procedures
» Help avoid disasters and surprises

Isn’t it time for a conversation with us about solutions?

NBC, CBS, Dick Clark Productions, JNP (Australia) Graham Nash
arrowFashion & Beauty:
Soekoro Inc, Noh Atelier and more
arrowCorporate Events & Communications:
Liquid leadership, Waldners, LSE, Inc
arrowTextiles & Manufacturing:
Sefar America, Digital Force, MFC Inc.
arrowReal Estate & Related:
REI Ventures, JHP Inc, ERS
arrowCommunity Groups:
Providence Corp, Brewster Academy., Old Westbury Gardens
arrowBanking & Financial Services:
Chase, Goldman Sachs, Loyalty Alliance
arrowShipping & Transportation:
Fedex, Orio Corp.

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Sales Team Development

Sales + Marketing

All Encompassing: A full set of public relations and branding solutions including the key ingredients going into creating business growth.

Animation – Visualization of Process from Dennis Phipps on Vimeo.


arrow Marketing Plan Development, Upgrades, Makeovers

arrow Sales Strategies, Employee Activation, Online Initiatives Review

arrow Media Platform Selection, Public Relations, Ad Buying Strategies

arrow Inside Sales Mapping, Partner Relations Oversight, Goals Updating

arrowEvent Marketing, Direct Sales Tracking, Exit Poll Auditing

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Online Promotions + Advertising

Mobile | Social | Retail Signage
Targeting: Too many choices make it confusing. We can help simply, pinpoint and sort out what options work best for your brand’s next moves.



arrow Mainstream and alternative mobile platforms

arrow Social outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin and the less obvious

arrow Retail and hotel signage, in-store video and tie backs to websites

arrowSpecial promotional events, Exit Poll Surveys, Direct Feedback

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