dpbiopict,angled2Dennis Phipps, Producer / Director, has continually spent the last 30 years at the forefront of branded content, emerging distribution platforms, and the production of high-visibility content.

Today and into the future, he remains a leading force in the field of media management, all things digital and transmedia storytelling for brands – formally labeled multimedia.

Coming from a multigenerational legacy of investment bankers, his keen eye for creating profitable offerings serves clients across multiple industries; luxury goods, travel, entertainment, media, destinations, financial services, retail and worldwide manufacturing.

His roster of notable projects include global brands such as CBS, NBC, USA Networks, Dick Clark Productions, JNP Productions, Bob Hope Enterprises, The Olympic Games, FedEx, Liquid Leadership and Graham Nash, as well as independent film, video, music and interactive projects.

As past-President of LSE, Inc., Dennis provided management consulting for production companies, artists and managers in the areas of 2D/3D content development and multi-media marketing, as well as channel distribution for television, video and multimedia.

His professional contributions to production design, interactive media platforms for traditional + digital offerings, animatronics, surround sound and multi-level systems integration helped create the current waves of technology innovation.

Early successes entailed helping build a local television station into one of CBS’s Top 10 highest-rated affiliates nationwide. Leveraging those experiences, he quickly became immersed in growing four additional media and communications divisions for the same southeastern U.S. conglomerate – eventually leading to its profitable sale in 1996.


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